Court of Honor 101

A Court of Honor is a formal recognition of a Scouts achievements.  This ceremony is held several times a year and family, friends and special guests are encouraged to attend.  All Scouts who have moved up to any rank except Eagle Scout, or who have earned merit badges since the last court of honor, should be recognized at the Court of Honor.

Troop 200’s Court of Honor begin with the flag ceremony, pledge, etc.  Several scouts from the troop serve as the planners and masters of ceremony for the event.

In doing research we found that not all troops do their Court of Honor the same way.  According to Wikipedia, in the Scout Association of Japan a formal troop advancement ceremony is held once a year where Scouts receive rank advancement, merit badges, and other awards, and Scouts in the same school year receive the same rank advancement. It is uncommon for the Scouts’ family members to attend, as it is a regular troop meeting.

In Scouts South Africa, a court of honor is held every 4 weeks, normally at the beginning of a new month. The Patrol Leaders(PLs) and a Scouter are expected to attend, they are responsible for the majority of decisions regarding troop discipline, patrol management, troop programme and such. The Troop Scouter is the only adult leader regularly attending these meetings, and has the right to veto decisions. The Troop Scouter generally only acts in an advisory role, allowing the Scouts themselves to make important decisions. The Court of Honor may invite other Scouters to hear their input.

We encourage any past member of Troop 200, any local Cub Scout or Webelo to attend a COH ceremony.