Below is a list of Merit Badges for which counselors are available within the Troop. A full list of Merit Badge Counselors in our District is available in paper form; at Council’s request, it is not available electronically. Please see the Scoutmaster if you would like a counselor outside the troop or would like to earn a Merit Badge not on this list.

Merit  Badge Counselor
American Business Jonathan Nemeth
American Business Thomas Lawrence
American Cultures Robert Fodera
American Heritage Robert Fodera
American Heritage Jeff Lutz
American Heritage John Paulmeno
American Labor Pam Nemeth
Art Robert Fodera
Art Pam Nemeth
Automotive Maintenance Thomas Lawrence
Aviation John A. Schaible IV
Aviation Michael Anderson
Backpacking Michael Altrichter
Backpacking Thomas Lawrence
Camping Thomas Lawrence
Chess Robert Fodera
Citizenship in the Community Jeff Lutz
Citizenship in the Community Robert Fodera
Citizenship in the Community Jonathan Nemeth
Citizenship in the Community Michael Anderson
Citizenship in the Nation Jeff Lutz
Citizenship in the Nation Michael Anderson
Citizenship in the Nation Robert Fodera
Citizenship in the World Robert Fodera
Citizenship in the World Michael Anderson
Climbing Michael Altrichter
Coin Collecting Michael Anderson
Collections Robert Fodera
Communications Michael Anderson
Composite Materials Michael Anderson
Crime Prevention John Paulmeno
Cycling Michael Altrichter
Digital Technology Jeff Lutz
Digital Technology Michael Anderson
Dog Care Robert Fodera
Dog Care Joanne Berson
Electricity Michael Anderson
Electronics Michael Anderson
Emergency Preparedness Michael Altrichter
Emergency Preparedness John Paulmeno
Energy Michael Anderson
Engineering Michael Anderson
Entrepreneurship Thomas Lawrence
Family Life Michael Marosy
Family Life Pam Nemeth
Family Life John Paulmeno
Family Life Thomas Lawrence
Farm Mechanics Thomas Lawrence
Fire Safety Robert Fodera
First Aid Michael Altrichter
Fishing Robert Fodera
Forestry Michael Anderson
Game Design Jeff Lutz
Game Design Michael Anderson
Gardening Robert Fodera
Gardening Joanne Berson
Genealogy Robert Fodera
Geocaching Michael Marosy
Hiking Michael Altrichter
Hiking Thomas Lawrence
Law Robert Fodera
Life Saving Robert Fodera
Mammal Study Joanne Berson
Model Design and Building Robert Fodera
Motor Boating John A. Schaible IV
Moviemaking Michael Anderson
Personal Fitness James Gibbons
Personal Management Robert Fodera
Personal Management Robert Fodera
Personal Management Jonathan Nemeth
Pets Robert Fodera
Pets Jeff Lutz
Photography Michael Marosy
Plant Science Joanne Berson
Programming Jeff Lutz
Programming Michael Anderson
Public Speaking Robert Fodera
Railroading John Paulmeno
Reading Jeff Lutz
Robotics Michael Anderson
Rowing John A. Schaible IV
Safety Robert Fodera
Salesmanship Thomas Lawrence
Scholarship Michael Marosy
SCUBA Diving Robert Fodera
SCUBA Diving Michael Marosy
Small Boat Sailing John A. Schaible IV
Small Boat Sailing James Gibbons
Sports Robert Fodera
Theater Robert Fodera
Theater Michael Marosy
Traffic Safety John Paulmeno
Weather John A. Schaible IV
Woodwork Michael Altrichter

Merit Badge Counselors are the key to success in the merit badge plan. They offer their time, experience, and knowledge to help guide Scouts in one or more of the merit badge subjects.

The counselor’s responsibility is to:
Assist the Scout as he plans the assigned projects and activities to meet the merit badge requirements.
Coach Scouts through interviews and demonstrations on how to do the required skills of the craft, business, or hobby.
Certify the Scout after determining whether he is qualified for the merit badge.
Details responsibilities of these positions can be found on the Boy Scouts of America website.

If you are interesting in signing up to be a Merit Badge Counselor, please complete the Merit Badge Counselor Application Form.